Calling Plans


Generic Fees
Setup Fee 0.00 USD
Basic Services (includes DNS management, manageable website, email management, ticket system, SIP server, billing server) 0.00 USD monthly
Additional Services  
Mobile Dialers 0.00 USD monthly
IVR Application (Calling Card, Pinless, Callback) 0.00 USD monthly
Discount Offer:
Basic Services + Mobile Dialers + IVR Applications
0.00 USD monthly


Voicebuy Premium + rates in this calling plan you can see below:


If you are interested in reselling Voicebuy Standard and Premium routes, please,

contact us by email:



This calling plan provides high quality services for resellers with up to 65% ASR and 5-10 minutes of ACD. It can be ideally used for reselling the calling card, call back and other VoIP services.

  Calling Rates