Using DID service, you will provide your customers with a possibility to be reachable in any point of the world. All that customers need is to obtains a DID number which should be registered on the SIP server. Unrelated where your customers are located, at home or in the office, in which continent and time-zone, they may be reached with their DID number all over the world. Even more, your customers will be able to make calls as if they did not change their location, i.e. the dial tone in their phone will give a line of the country where DID was registered.

For example, if your customers bought and registered a DID number in the USA and then they travelled to Europe, they may have their DID configured on any phone located in their location in Europe (i.e. hotel room) and get a USA dial tone when making the calls. This will make international calls identical to local calls and sufficiently cut the expenses for long-distance calls.