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This page is where you can get information what VoIP calls are, what services and features may offer this solution to you and your clients. We provide you with a possibility to use VoIP services independent on your location and with minimal environment setup. We shall make you reachable on your home or mobile phone, as well as on your regular phone number while you will be travelling, will provide you flexible service adjustment according to your needs and qualified technical support. You will be able to provide all these services to your clients and establish your own VoIP business.

We hope to see you our reseller. Enjoy the quality and cost effective prices of VoIP calls with us!

VoIP Calls

VoIP calls allow you to make cheap international calls through Internet. You will be charged according to the calling plan you have selected. VoIP calls can be done from your residential telephone, your mobile phone/device or the PC softphone - in all cases you will receive cost saving and qualified connection. For services offered while making VoIP calls, Read More.




Calling Plans

Calling plan is a set of rates and tariffs for your products. Calling plans are defined from the Reseller’s Administration Portal and are displayed on your website under the Calling Plans menu so that your customers may see the prices for the services you offer. For reseller calling plan, Read More.





Call Back

Call Back is an alternative service to place and receive VoIP calls in case there is no fast internet connection or access numbers available in the specific country. This is effective for long distance or expensive calls, when calls from the called destination are cheaper. To start callback, caller details should be configured on the called party’s billing server. Read More.