Mobile Dialer is a software application dedicated to those who use mobile phone for making and receiving calls. The 3Dialer mobile softphone should be installed on your customer’s mobile phone which will work as if customer has an IP phone with him. The mobile dialer will cut expenses on international phone calls and ease international phone numbers dialing.


The offered 3Dialer application uses SIP signaling for VoIP calls and can provide most popular VoIP services (e.g. call forwarding, call waiting, three-way-calling, etc.). The 3Dialer application requires a SIP account on the SIP server.

Customers may setup 3Dialer application to run behind NAT and on private IP and it can pass through firewalls.


The 3Dialer application can be easily installed in a compatible mobile handset. The software runs on an Operating System based mobile phone (e.g. IPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.). When the Mobile Dialer software application is installed on the mobile device, the dialer requires internet connectivity to work. Some special configuration may be required on your mobile device to register it on the SIP server and make it ready for IP calls.


You can get the 3Dialer mobile dialer software application in the following ways:


  1. Click MOBILE DIALER link on the website and load the dialer to your PC or mobile phone. Transfer the downloaded file to your mobile phone and install it.
  2. Go to the online applications store from your mobile phone and search the 3Dialer there. Load the application to your mobile phone and install it. Note that this option requires the internet connection from your mobile phone.
  3. Press GET ON MY PHONE option on the website and define your mobile phone number. You will receive a direct link to the 3Dialer application on your mobile phone. Download and install the application. Note that this option requires the internet connection from your mobile phone.




This calling plan provides high quality services for resellers with up to 65% ASR and 5-10 minutes of ACD. It can be ideally used for reselling the calling card, call back and other VoIP services.

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