With the PC2Phone service, your customers will be able to make VoIP calls from their PCs to the residential phone numbers worldwide. By installing a softphone on the PC and configuring it as needed, your customers will get an opportunity to enjoy cost-effective outbound calls to any destination in the world. They will also get a possibility to perform video calls using their PC’s regular web camera. Customers will be able to create personal address book in their softphone application which will provide them with a speeded-up call dialing feature.

The softphone supports making and receiving calls on computers running on private IP addresses behind NAT. Also, the communicator can work even from behind firewalls or other VoIP blockades.

The softphone application requires a SIP account on the SIP server.



This calling plan provides high quality services for resellers with up to 65% ASR and 5-10 minutes of ACD. It can be ideally used for reselling the calling card, call back and other VoIP services.

  Calling Rates