If your customers use VoIP or callback services frequently and if they use the same phone number to make VoIP calls, they may want to register their calling cards and their CallerIDs with you so they will not be prompted for the PIN code every time they dial the provider’s access number. Instead they will pass an automatic authentication by the CallerID of the phone they use. This service is called Pinless which means a PIN less access to the VoIP network.


Following options of Pinless account setup are available:

  • Pinless account setup from user account.
  • Pinless account may be configured automatically when the user calls with his calling card to the access number. With the first call to the access number, the calling card that the client used will automatically register in the Pinless database. Any further calls with the same calling card will no more require PIN authentication. Calling card will be removed from the Pinless database automatically once the balance on the calling card is expired.