Independent on services your customers will use (Mobile Dialer, PC to Phone or Residential VoIP), we offer you free calls within Voicebuy network. Free calls are available to your customers with the accountID from the same network. However, you may want to charge your customers for the calls within the Voicebuy network.


Following VoIP services are available for your customers independent on which type of communication (mobile dialer, PC to Phone or Residential VoIP) is chosen:

Call Hold

This is a common service which is used to place active call on hold (by dialing special key combination) to make or receive a second call. While on hold, the party will listen to the music. You will be able to retrieve the party on hold back by dialing the special key combination.

Call Forwarding


This service is used to transfer the incoming call to another destination depending on a number of options available for this service. For example, you may expect a call from Mike while being at Lisa’s. You will set a call forwarding on your home phone, and when Mike will calls in your home, the call will be automatically transferred to Lisa’s house, where you will pick up and get in touch with Mike.

Different types of call forwarding are available:

  • Follow Me – this is an option when incoming call will be transferred on multiple destinations. All those destinations may ring simultaneously, randomly or in sequence depending on the configuration. When the call is picked up at one of the ringing destination, other phones stop to ring.
  • Simple Forwarding – this is a simple forwarding, when the incoming calls are transferred to the specific destination.
  • Forward to SIP URI – this option will forward the incoming call to the defined SIP URI. You would be able to pick up the call from your softphone, IP phone or mobile dialer.
  • Caller ID based Forwarding - this option will forward the incoming call to the destination depending on who is the person calling, i.e. based on the Caller ID the call can be forwarded to different destinations.
  • Timeout based Forwarding - this option will forward the incoming call based on the no-answer timeout, i.e. if the incoming call was not answered for certain time period, the call will be forwarded to another destination.
  • Advanced Forwarding – this option is a combination of above listed forwarding options. You may set up a timeout based follow me forwarding and include some SIP URI in the list of ringing phones.


Call Park/Pickup

This service is used to park a call on a specific number so that any other user on the system can pickup it. For example, you receive a call but want to take it in another room where it is possible to speak privately. Transferring the call to another room is not an option because the phone in another room might be in use, or you will be unable to walk to another room in time to answer the call. Instead, you can park the call at a specific number and then pickup it when you’ve reached the other room.


This service is used to call a party by forcing its phone to go off-hook and opening two-way communication. The service is particularly used for announcements addressed to a party. When the call comes in to the party, his phone will automatically go off-hook (the phone speaker automatically becomes activated) and the caller will be able to make his announcement. For this service to work, the called party should have special phones supporting Intercom service available.

Call Barring

This service is used to restrict certain types of outgoing calls (such as international calls) and/or incoming calls (such as from undesirable callers). You may set a password protection to the certain type of calls.

Call Waiting

This service allows you to receive an incoming call when you are currently on a call. The caller will hear a ringing tone and you will hear a special beeping on the telephone when the call arrives. You will need to dial a specific key combination on your phone to switch between calls.

Abbreviate Dialing (Speed Dialing)

This service allows you to simplify long phone numbers dialing. Instead of a long international phone number to dial you may assign a short code to that number and dial a special key combination following by the defined short code to dial the required destination. You may adjust the length of the codes used for abbreviate dialing service.

Hiding Caller ID

With this service, you may hide your caller information (ID) for outgoing calls. If this service is enabled, the called destination will not see your calling number and will see “anonymous” instead on their phone display.


Group Calls

This service is used for mass calls. You may create extensions and form groups of extensions and by dialing a special key combination dial all members of the group. This service may work for broadcast announcements or conference calls.


Except the listed VoIP services, following additional services are available:

Call Recording

This service will allow you to record calls and to store them into the special voicebox for further retrieval.

Limiting Number of Simultaneous Calls

You can limit the number of simultaneous outgoing calls in order to avoid traffic or network overload.

IVR Language Selection

You may select the language in which the IVR will speak to you and give instructions. If you do not find the necessary language in the list, you may request it from your provider.


Music on hold customization

You may customize the hold music sent to the party you have placed on hold. You may upload a desired music file and once you have placed on hold a party, they will listen to the customized music meanwhile.


Default answering mode

You may select the default mode of answering the incoming calls. For example, you may want to have your phone ringing on the incoming call independent you are in or not. Or you may configure that after some time of ringing, the incoming call will be forwarded to another number (e.g. your mobile number) when you will be able to pick up the call.

Dialing Rules

This is a complex feature which allows you to define customized dialing rules. You may adjust the dialing patterns and schemes for different outgoing calls. For example, you may configure so by dialing the prefix “0” before the phone number you will get the USA dial tone, while dialing the prefix "010" you will get the dial tone of some other country.


Along with above listed VoIP features, following services are also provided: