Residential VoIP


With the Residential VoIP service your customers will get a flexible and feature rich phone services over fixed and mobile broadband VoIP residential services. Your customers should have an IP phone (e.g. Cisco IP Phone) or a regular FXS phone connected to the IP gateway (e.g. Linksys PAP2) to make and receive international SIP calls.

An opportunity to select the vendor providing the best dialing plan will be provided to your customer which will allow them to get the cost-effective IP calls all over the world and a number of VoIP services (e.g. call forwarding, call waiting, three-way-calling, etc.). This service requires a SIP account on the SIP server.





This calling plan provides high quality services for resellers with up to 65% ASR and 5-10 minutes of ACD. It can be ideally used for reselling the calling card, call back and other VoIP services.

  Calling Rates